The Cast


MP Showcase: Modern-day Smokey Joe's Cafe, Musical Theatre (Photo by Vell P. Photography)

"People who are feeling bullied and people who feel like outsiders should talk to their parents and guardians about finding a place with likeminded people where they can feel accepted. That's what I needed, and that's what I found with musical theater." -Nick Jonas


Our Musical Theatre Program is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance. Here at MP Arts, Inc. the story and emotional content of a musical – humor, pathos, love, anger – are communicated through the words, music, movement and technical aspects of the entertainment as an integrated whole. Although musical theatre overlaps with other theatrical forms like opera and dance, it may be distinguished by the equal importance given to the music as compared with the dialogue, movement and other elements. Since the early 20th century, musical theatre stage works have generally been called, simply, musicals.