Spoken Word Poetry


"Spoken Word" an oral artform that focuses on word play...


An oral art that focuses on the aesthetics of word play and intonation and voice inflection. It is a 'catchall' that includes any kind of poetry recited aloud, including hip-hop, jazz poetry, poetry slams, traditional poetry readings and can include comedy routines and 'prose monologues'.





A machine pain,
scripts the name secretly, 
intones the verdict.


I don’t need, 
to prove it, like the man 
who sells the dreams.


Privacy interrupted, 
I have come out in open, 
to commit the god.

Children of the Night


"Children of the Night"

And out of the sun's gates come little girls in dresses of fire

wearing pigtails of braided smoke which stem from their moon cratered scalps.
The glowing seeds of a nightly garden that will blossom into full moons
          irregardless of the sun,
Veil the night in the seven names of the wind through the tales of their
         wind blown fathers.
Who will father these mother's of light?
And what will become of me?
Children of the Night...