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"Musical Paintbrush is an amazing company with an awesome vision. As an adult, Musical Paintbrush gave me the opportunity to display a talent that I wasn’t to sure about. I love the company because it help support the youth in their arts. Giving the youth a platform to display their talents for others to see! I am so blessed to had the opportunities to be apart of something great!"

"I enjoy all of the productions. Everything is put together we'll, and the talent is unbelievable. If you are looking for something for the family I encourage you to go see any of these productions you will be hooked."

"It is an absolute pleasure to see Musical Paintbrush providing quality performances to the South Florida community. A great opportunity for those wishing to showcase their talents along side other great musicians and actors. Thank you Billy for following through on your dreams that are helping others see it in the natural form."

"Musical Paintbrush is a phenomenal organization! I really enjoyed myself and can't wait until the next show #Bravo"

"Musical Paintbrush cultivates top notch performers with A rating productions! I thoroughly enjoyed the show! Kudos!"